Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Smith-Corona Sterling portable typewriter, and a Guitar & Ukulele!




  1. Here I am !
    I apologize for not getting here sooner.

    I miss old typewriters - I can just remember typewriter ribbons and corrective fluid. Oh the memories.

  2. I am glad to say that K is back into his piano playing after having a rest. His sousaphone and tuba have gone, which is a bit sad, but the result has been him getting back to his roots.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if music and the arts commanded the same public attention that sport did? The world would be a beautiful place.

    I would like to be a fly on the wall in your place but I see you already have one - and a big one at that.

  3. @ Spo: Thanks for dropping by!

    @ Linda: I'm glad to hear that K is back playing the piano. The siren song of musical instruments is irresistible to most musicians. Very compelling.

    In my many years of negotiating contracts with orchestra management, we musicians always brought up the sports analogy. Alas, it never worked with the Board.

    As for the big fly, we have a bunch of big plastic bugs throughout the house, painted black (of course).

    Those, along with the very REAL variety, would be good subjects for future posts!

  4. I love these blog entries! They are so creative! Your pictures are always so vibrant too. Love it!

  5. Awesome black theme. That's a handsome Smith-Corona you've got.

    By the way, you type so neatly!

  6. cal-i-for-nah here i come!!!! xoxoxox

  7. I just discovered you have one of these too! Such beautiful machines.