Friday, April 27, 2012

Corona 3 Folding & our 2nd Type-In

A very early "laptop", at my favorite writing space in the house, the little platform
James built for me on top of the low bookshelves in the Music Room.
The Corona 3 fits neatly into its tiny case. I was pleased to find the manual included!
All the decals on this machine are still in excellent condition.
I think the Corona dove is saying to me: "I bring you New Life, in the form of a Typewriter."
(This logo is on the left-hand side of the paper guide.)
Somehow, seeing these years printed on the back of the machine makes its age more tangible.
(Note the top of my head & camera in the reflection, finger on the shutter. Ah, art!)
Close up of the 3-bank keyboard. The FIG keys can be a challenge!
Mike Clemens from
Our 2nd "Type-In-of-Two" is about to begin! Here are the Corona 3 folding & Royal "O" cases.
I'm amazed how much smaller the Corona case is.

I'm having too much fun with Mike's Royal "O" portable, 1932.


  1. Very nice post. I'm glad you had a good time. You have a very nice Corona 3. It types quite good especially for its age. It has a very nice and clear typeface.

    One day I hope to add one to my collection. I think they are some of the neatest typewriters ever made.

  2. Good-looking Corona and clearly it's in nice shape. Working better than mine.

    I'm pretty sure that's a dove and not a stork, even though the scene reminds me of the opening of "Dumbo"!

    1. Richard, you're absolutely right; it *IS* a dove! Somehow I translated the handle of the scale into a stork's long legs. How very fanciful (and shortsighted) of me! I just corrected the caption -- THANKS!

  3. I think we've found yet another unflattering angle for portraits of me. Great gods I'm jowly.

    The Corona was a treat, even with my lackluster skills. Astounding what great shape it's in, and how well it types after all these years. I was debating smuggling it out of there while you were distracted on the phone. NEXT TIME!

  4. I have both of those machines and forget how they scale placed side by side. The Royal is not a large typewriter, but it makes the Corona look dainty.

    My Corona came from a local antique mall and is still a little finicky. Yours looks great! I love the first photo in this set.

  5. That really looks fun! I love my Corona 3. The finicky thing mine does is stop advancing. I have to flip the top and it usually recovers.

  6. Wouldn't typewriter pictures make an excellent calendar?! I just love that machine, it's so little and in such great shape! What a treasure in your collection!

  7. Now this is something I still have to do: find a nice place on a park to type. Too bad the number of typewriter enthusiasts around where I live is rather small (at last count: just me) so it will be a rather lonely type-in, but hey, you have to start somehow, right?

    Your machine is truly amazing and ingenious in its design, and I'm definitely adding one to my wish list.

  8. From the first photo, the Corona is either HUGE, or that's a toy car:-)

  9. What a great little outing. Mini Type-Ins are often just as fun as the bigger ones. (:

  10. Love the machines! Inspired by your min-Type-In, I think I'll organize one here in the suburbs!

  11. This is my favorite one so far.