Sunday, May 20, 2012

Olivetti Lettera 31

My bare-bones work space. I enjoy drinking tea and often listen to oldies on the iPod while
fiddling with the typewriters. Life is good!
Since the shell was already detached from the inner workings, that was one less step in
today's preparation for a quick cleaning.
A beautiful & idyllic spot in which to work, but heaven help me if I drop a spring or a screw!
(I did dislodge one of the springs on the key levers -- and dropped it twice! -- but found it each time.
Finally got the darn thing back on.)
Nice clean, low and utilitarian lines in profile.
Close up of the keyboard.
Barcelona: The scene of many a typewriter emerging from the factory.
Perhaps this blank slot could have accommodated a ribbon reverse lever?
...and what feature was missing here on the right side?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Royal Model 10: 1932

By the way, this typewriter is the heaviest in my collection.
Paper guide: BEFORE
Paper guide: AFTER
Ribbon close up: BEFORE
Ribbon close up: AFTER
In the early morning or early evening when it is too cool to type outside,
this little platform in the Music Room is my favorite place.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Underwood Universal portable typewriter

Day #1: Removing all the panels in preparation for cleaning the inner workings.
We bought this wash-tub especially for the purpose of giving typewriters a bath;
almost every model fits inside it.
The lines on this typewriter are interesting. It looks like this model was produced in the
early- to mid-1950s -- what do YOU think?
This business equipment company also had a location in Marysville, another town in
California's upper Central Valley. It's about 50 miles west of us.
His name appeared in a couple other spots on the platen. Unfortunately, the letters washed
off when I cleaned it with brake fluid, which helped soften the surface a bit.
And let's not forget the case! What remains of the marbled-snakeskin type pattern is very
COOL. James & I discussed stripping it down to the wood, but decided to leave it alone.
"That's patina -- people pay extra for that!" James says.
I love the extra little touches, such as the "Underwood" name stenciled into the case
handle. And the one-sided latch works very well.