Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's an Underwood portable! (1938?)

It wasn't until after I looked at these pictures that I realized how WORN the platen is! It's amazing that none of the usual characters such as periods, commas and dashes did not punch any holes in the single layer of paper.
I also didn't realize just HOW really dirty this machine is. Embarrassing? Only slightly.
A bit of rust, too...
Something about the closeup of my hand is disturbing. Oh well. Deal!

Just an excuse to draw a red circle and an arrow. FUN!
"Just call me Spotty!" I am so going to clean you up.
A trick of the flash made the metal around these keys look green. Nice graphic letters, eh?

Who woulda thought that I could take such artistic pictures? The yellow background is actually a rubber glove, that I used during the WD-40 rejuvenation process.
It took me a minute or two to figure out what this was for. Duh!
...except for the other logo in back, that is.
Rather a petite machine, this.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Smith-Corona Galaxie, 1962

This one definitely needs some cleaning & TLC, but it types great!
At the family home after our successful typewriter shopping expedition. This corner of the flowerbed, by the way, is exactly where my brother launched me on my first bicycle ride without training wheels, at age 7.
I have a spare SCM case from which I will "borrow" a handle for this Galaxie case.
I really like the paper holder, without rollers! This design works very well.

Any guesses on the "mystery" typewriter, case covered in dust? Not much to go on...  ;-)