Monday, April 30, 2012

Typing outdoors, dandelions & Corona 3

An unlikely but very pleasing combination: Corona 3 with Dandelions.
James recently painted the inside of some clay pots that he had recently discovered in the barn.
OF COURSE they needed to be painted blue! Many people consider dandelions to be an annoying
weed, but we happen to love the way they look. Somehow in this rural setting they BELONG.
An attempt at "Artfulness", with mixed results. As I took the shot of the dandelions, I saw my
own reflection in the glass and grabbed the Corona 3 in my arms. Luckily it is a VERY small,
light typewriter!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Corona 3 Folding & our 2nd Type-In

A very early "laptop", at my favorite writing space in the house, the little platform
James built for me on top of the low bookshelves in the Music Room.
The Corona 3 fits neatly into its tiny case. I was pleased to find the manual included!
All the decals on this machine are still in excellent condition.
I think the Corona dove is saying to me: "I bring you New Life, in the form of a Typewriter."
(This logo is on the left-hand side of the paper guide.)
Somehow, seeing these years printed on the back of the machine makes its age more tangible.
(Note the top of my head & camera in the reflection, finger on the shutter. Ah, art!)
Close up of the 3-bank keyboard. The FIG keys can be a challenge!
Mike Clemens from
Our 2nd "Type-In-of-Two" is about to begin! Here are the Corona 3 folding & Royal "O" cases.
I'm amazed how much smaller the Corona case is.

I'm having too much fun with Mike's Royal "O" portable, 1932.