Friday, December 29, 2006

I'd BETTER update!

After a fallow, almost blogless year, I write a few lines to assure all you cyberspace travelers that I am still alive and kicking. There's nothing worse than a blog which hasn't been updated in months.

Besides, I've made a few comments on other people's blogs recently and it just wouldn't *DO* for them to come visit here and see that I haven't updated since our Summer in Canada.

J. and I enjoyed our first holiday season for the first time in NINE years at home, in Bisbee, AZ, which should have its OWN blog; this town is indeed fascinating, and the subject of many a picture online. J. has decorated the outside of our house to the extent that there are pics of it on Flickr and elsewhere on the net.

Here's one (top right in this series of photos):

Our house

But alas, we must take leave of our abode to go back ON THE ROAD tomorrow, rejoining "Phantom of the Opera" in Toledo, Ohio starting on January 3rd. We will be driving, and hope to avoid the interesting weather we've been "enjoying" in the West lately.

It has snowed in Bisbee several times over the past few days, which is infrequent; it usually happens only once or twice each winter. Unlike places further north and east, the snow here in the high desert disappears within twenty-four hours.

It's beautiful. Now it's gone! How perfect is this?

Anyway, I've heard that Toledo is lovely this time of year. "Luuuuv-ly" as in the south Georgia pronounciation and meaning -- thank you, J.!

At least the good money will be rolling in for the next seven weeks. After Toledo, The Masked Man moves on to Des Moines for three weeks, which should also be lovely -- in February.

Then -- unemployment! Back to Bisbee, our beloved home. We shall see if we can make a living.


  1. Dear Cameron,

    I love the way you describe things. I bet the Phantom score has tons of great horn parts! How many horns are in it and which part do you play? What kind of horn do you play on?

    Best of luck to you - I'm sure you'll be snatched up for another gig before you know it! ;)


  2. Wow, Darcy, you're a FAN! ;-)

    Yes, the Phantom horn parts (two of them; I play mostly 2nd, sometimes 1st when the regular Principal is on vacation) are indeed challenging and interesting.

    Still....I've played this same music about 3500 times! Can you wrap your mind around that? It's scary.

    Ed and I both play Lawson "Fourier" model horns in nickel bronze.

    Thanks for your good wishes about another gig...but I kinda doubt that it will happen, as I will be settling down in the tiny town of Bisbee. I hope to sub in Tucson and perhaps even Phoenix, but not much extra work there I've heard.