Thursday, February 08, 2007

I am SOOO tired of being cold!

This frigid weather is ridiculous. I've never been as cold as I have been here in Des Moines for the past two weeks. In my entire life!

The temperature has not once risen above 14 degrees, and it's dropped as low as -11. I'd say that the thermometer has stayed in the 5-degree range pretty much the whole time.

A small blessing: it has been mostly sunny, and our hotel window faces southwest, so we're getting decent light.

My body is not only rebelling against this bitter cold, it is also reacting adversely to all the chemicals and salt thrown on the roads to de-ice them. I'm coughing and my chest feels congested, but it's not really a cold. I really believe that it's because of the road chemicals.

James and I have visited the nearby shopping mall a few times to get some exercise, "doing our laps" around and around both bottom and top floors. Other people have the same idea. It's just too cold for us, at least, to exercise outdoors.

I have a blogging friend who jogs in this kind of weather (you know who you are!) and I admire her for being able to cope with it. But I cannot. Being a native Californian, it's just not in my blood. I've never been able to get used to really cold weather.

Good thing I live in Arizona, and will be going back there soon!


  1. Yeah, I don't mind the cold at all, it's the nasty wet slushy weather, that I can't deal with. Here in sunny Az it's in the 70's with a nice cool breeze.
    We enjoy it now, but you know we'll be paying for it in August.

    What a fabulous gig, playing for "phantom". Almost ten years...What stability!

  2. This "stability" is about to end. I'm being laid off for the next six months. But it will be GREAT to be home!

    Yeah, Bisbee in August is pretty damn HOT, even at 5300 feet elevation. But I'm hoping that being home for a prolonged period of time will help me acclimate to the season.

  3. Hi, I see you are not home yet and will be glad when you are relaxing in 70 degree weather.. not 14 or -11. I'm getting pretty sick of winter myself. Like you I'm better on sunny days where it at least looks warmer and feels so good shinning through the windows.

    Please keep on writing even when you get home.. I love reading your blog.

    May I chime in with Daniel..what a cool gig..playing for "phantom" for nearly ten years.

  4. Thanks, daniel and mzzim, for your kind words about Phantom.

    After all this time, it is difficult for me to have a clear perspective on it. So it is gratifying to read something POSITIVE about this road experience, reminding me that it has indeed been SPECIAL in many ways.

    It helps me feel a little less burned-out.