Sunday, November 20, 2011

The fourth Thrift Store Find of Oct. 24: Remington Quiet-Riter Eleven


  1. I've never tried one of these and your typecast makes me want to pick one up.

    It's great how much fun one can have with a $3.99 typewriter.

  2. wow! your industry paid off! What a find!

  3. I agree with Richard; I love being entertained for almost nothing! The Quiet-Riter looks great after your cleaning and fixing up! I was eyeing one of these the other day, impressed to find that it was actually made of metal and not plastic like I'd thought. However the Hermes Baby nearby was easier to carry so I picked that up instead :-P

  4. A very nice post and what a wonderful machine! The price was excellent. That is how so many project machines end-up in my small collection that is growing way too rapidly. I've read about the WD-40 trick. I may just have to try it since I read your post. I also heard about dragging a ribbon across an inked stamp pad while pressing on the ribbon. WD-40 sounds easier.

  5. @Adwoa: It's sort of a no-brainer choosing the Hermes Baby over the Remington! ;-)

    @Bill M: Definitely try the WD-40 method. I tried the ribbon across the inked stamp pad ONCE and it was a HUGE mess, so please avoid that method!

  6. What a coincidence. The very first typewriter I dared to actually service myself was a Remington Quiet-Riter, though mine is definitely older; it still has the same general shape as the big desktop Remington of the 1940's.

    That WD-40 oil seems to be very useful around typewriters. I've used it to lubricate frozen keybars, stuck carriages, sticky keyboards... you name it.

    And I definitely agree with Richard, too; part of the satifaction I get from my old typewriters consists on making them work again. And now that I actually dared to take them apart myself, the satisfaction is bigger.

    Congratulations on your find! that is a very interesting machine indeed!