Monday, April 30, 2012

Typing outdoors, dandelions & Corona 3

An unlikely but very pleasing combination: Corona 3 with Dandelions.
James recently painted the inside of some clay pots that he had recently discovered in the barn.
OF COURSE they needed to be painted blue! Many people consider dandelions to be an annoying
weed, but we happen to love the way they look. Somehow in this rural setting they BELONG.
An attempt at "Artfulness", with mixed results. As I took the shot of the dandelions, I saw my
own reflection in the glass and grabbed the Corona 3 in my arms. Luckily it is a VERY small,
light typewriter!


  1. You are so very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. I believe your Corona 3 is right at home in the sun and dandelions.

  2. I was out in the camper today, dreaming of going camping and Derwood said "Don't get too excited, you're still a month away from camping!"
    It HAS been known to snow here in May, so I won't officially claim good weather until I see some dandelions!
    I need to sit down and write you...I'm rotten!

  3. Very cute shot of the Corona among the 'lions.

  4. Uplifting weather deserves all the press we can give it. Great colours you got there, I can almost hear the birds and the trees .

  5. The Corona looks pretty content. Sunshine, exercise, fresh ribbon... what more could a typewriter want?

  6. I like dandelions too; the flowers are very pretty and it is fun to blow the seeds about. I've heard the leaves are edible too, but I can't bring myself to try...

    Beautiful post and great pictures! The blue color in the clay pots really pops against the green and yellow of the dandelions. Enjoy the sunshine! We had a bit of it over the weekend and I can't wait till it's a daily occurrence.

  7. I love dandelions as well, except that they make my son's eyes fire-engine red, and set him to sneezing.
    They're amazing, too - generally within about six hours after mowing the lawn (as I did this morning), the danelions have grown several inches above the grass. Not sure how they do that.

  8. That is a fantastic little typewriter, and looks like it is a joy to type in it! I agree with everyone here, your typing spot is fantastic, very inspiring!

  9. I'll take the typewriter; never mind the dandelions.