Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area!


  1. I envy you your musical talent and the life it's brought you. Have a good concert series, or "break a lip," or whatever one says to musicians.

  2. Cameron - thanks for taking us along with you on the first part of your trip. I feel as if for a moment i had left the confines of orange county and travelled up to the bay area where i have not been for perhaps 6 or 7 years now.
    Are your woods past Napa? oh wait... you wrote 3 hours so you must be up near eureka or something.
    Ive always wanted to go to the more natural area of california. I've been to yosemite and mendocino but even then those are quite touristy.

    Your Woods are a wonderful retreat and home.

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    2. Actually, I live in quite a different direction from the coast, northeast of Sacramento, at the beginnings of the Sierra Nevada range towards Reno.

      It is indeed beautiful, and I highly recommend exploring the gold country.

    3. wow thats cool. i havent had the opportunity to get up that ways.
      my wife, then my girlfriend, used to drive up the 395 to susanville back in college when her dad worked there for a while. She would make that long drive from san diego!
      She would remark about the unspoilt country and how beautiful and expansive it was.
      Quite the change from the densely populated city and its suburbs that ive been confined in all my life.
      i vow one day i will get out!

  3. I hope you enjoy the concert series. It sounds like you are in good company.

    I'm with you on the bustle vs. quiet thing. I live in moderately quiet suburbs and travel to cities for work - most often at convention facilities and hotels. Wandering around is great, but it catches up with me pretty quickly. I'll spend a week right by the San Francisco convention center for Greenbuild in November. Between long days and night of meetings and too many people and too much noise, I will be ready for a solo trip to the desert.

  4. Nice impressions from the road. Good luck with your concerts!

  5. Looks like a good writing spot.
    It must be a trip (no pun intended!) to play in a concert series, all best!

  6. both the photos and the prose were marvelous !

  7. I love the black and white pictures...so pretty! The crosses really are a staggering sight, aren't they?