Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Remington Standard (early '60s?)


  1. Interesting standard that. The only machines I have seen of that make, have tended to be the 'International' titled Remington machines. No idea bout the history though.

    As for your portable - Adler Tippa! Or maybe some Royal portable.

  2. Well, Cameron, if i'm looking at the recirds right, that typewriter came from a part of town I actually know... Once of the coolest bookstores ever is actually just on the bounderies of it...
    Check it...

  3. That's a very nice looking standard!

    I have a couple of Remington standards too, both of them older than yours; my 1948 KMC model has the same key release feature as yours, and it's very useful. As for the little levers in the middle of the ribbon spools, they control the ribbon reverse mechanism. With those missing, you'll have to reverse the ribbon advance manually once you reach the end of that spool. No big deal actually.

  4. NOMDA 1980 suggests a date between 1960 and 1961 for J3057xxx, so you're right on the money with your guess. As for the mystery portable, I will guess Adler or later model SCM.

    PS, i really like the numbers on the typeface of that Remington! (:

  5. Congratulations! Very nice machine. It is nice to have the space to have an office machine.
    I like the typeface on your Remington also. It is very neat and clear.

    I'm going to guess the script machine is not an SCM since mine do not single line feed. Then SCM made so many different script fonts it is difficult to judge.

    It does look quite a bit like my Adler, but I found that the same slugs are used on some other brands too.

    As on Who Wants to be a Millionaire: my final answer: I do not know.

  6. I like the clean space age lines. It belongs in a NASA control room with a massive slide rule and an overflowing ashtray.

    I've seen that script before. The uppercase "T" is a dead giveaway. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble remembering which machine I've seen it on. Could this be a sign of having too many script variations?

  7. Good find! You don't find too many of these late Remington standards. I don't think I've ever seen one in the wild before.

    I bought my first ReStore typewriter myself recently. Actually, it was for WordPlay. It will be on my blog soon.

  8. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Why are cats so obnoxious? LOL!
    I love that James seems to participate in your obsession by helping solve your typwriter issues.

  9. A LDS typer! Awesome. I love the penmanship actually. It makes me wonder who that person is.